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Lots of people who are interested in following the excellent free tips from The Man In The Know aren’t really sure about how to go about it and some that are sure may not be getting the most out of it. This article is aimed at answering some of the more common questions while also giving some advice on how to maintain a winning approach. If there is anything you are unsure about or you want to ask a question please got to our Facebook page, twitter @bonusnetbets or email us on and we'll get back to you ASAP.


To maximise your own personal profits from The Man In The Know’s tips you should follow his instructions to the letter and do your best to get the tips as they are posted on the site. A notification is given on twitter and Facebook every time a tip is posted. The reason you should do your best to get the tips within a few minutes of them being posted is because the prices tend to shorten. The Man In The Know has already put plenty of thought into how to stake each bet and whether to bet it each way or win only. All the hard work has been done for you.


bookmakers at the racesYou should also have access to as many bookmaker accounts as possible so that you can always achieve the best available price. The Man In The Know will quote the best available price from one of these ten bookmakers, bet365, Skybet, Totesport, Betfred, Betvictor, Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill, Betfair and BetBright. If you are a winning punter then some of these accounts may no longer be available to you due to closures or restrictions. But if that isn’t the case for you and you still have access to every bookmaker in the land, why wouldn’t you open the accounts?


I’ve heard all the reasons for not opening accounts imaginable; here are a few in no particular order;


1.       I don’t need another account I’m happy where I am! This answer normally comes from a novice punter who doesn’t understand very much about odds and betting. It’s difficult to change their minds until they are prepared to think a little more logically.


2.       I can't be bothered to open a new account. Really??? It’s going to take about two minutes to open a new account and you will be rewarded with a decent free bet or bonus that is normally in excess of £20 as well as access to a another set of odds. Not bad for two minutes work!


3.       I only bet to small stakes and won’t qualify for much of a bonus. This is an understandable reason and we always recommend staying where you are until you have built up a few months of profit and can begin to up your stakes. Things can begin to snowball pretty quickly with a little patience and discipline. One follower started in July with a £10 deposit into Coral, when his £10 got to £200 he deposited it into bet365 who doubled it to £400. He cleared that £200 bonus and then began opening accounts with other recommended bookies. He is currently betting The Man In The Know’s tips to 1.5X stakes and looking to up his bets again very soon.


4.       I don’t like bookmaker deposits and withdrawals appearing on my bank statement. This is another valid point. Two alternatives are to open a Skrill account or a second bank account just for your betting. Skrill is an online wallet. You can deposit to Skrill from your bank account and then use that money to fund your betting accounts. When it’s time to withdraw your winnings from the bookies, you withdraw to Skrill and then from Skrill back to your bank account, camouflaging your betting from the prying eyes of the bank manager! The downside with Skrill is that although most bookies accept Skrill some don’t honour free bets and bonuses to Skrill users, so check before you use it.


5.       I’m not going to mind having a slightly lower price if it wins. Well you should! Beating the bookmaker is all about getting a better price than the horse’s chance. Let’s look at an example; The Man In The Know tips a horse at 5/1 because he feels it’s a 7/2 shot in reality. You only have the option of betting the horse at 7/2 for whatever reason, what should you do? Well if The Man In The Know is right and the horse is a 7/2 shot, then the answer is it doesn’t really matter, you will break even in the long term making bets like this. Looking at it another way, you are going to place a £10 bet on a 3/1 shot with your bookmaker but the horse is available at 4/1 with a different bookmaker. If the horse wins you will win £30 instead of £40 but you don’t mind too much because you are still £30 up. If you had access to the 4/1 not only could you have won £10 more but you also had the option to bet £7.50 instead of £10 to win the same £30, saving yourself £2.50 on the bet! There aren’t many people who turn down a 25% discount these days.


Betting is all about discipline. Following The Man In The Know you will regularly have losing days, you will have the odd losing week and you may even have a losing month (although we haven’t had one yet and if we do let’s hope it’s in the dim and distant future). You will never have a losing year! What you can take from that is that there will be ups and downs if you follow every day. Ideally you need a pool of cash specifically for betting. This is referred to as a bankroll.

wad of cash


A conservative bankroll which should keep you permanently in action is around 100pts. Now that isn’t always possible and it probably isn’t logical either if you have other means to keep you in the game when things aren’t going so well. One piece of advice that is very important when gambling is to hold on to some of the profits from the good times to cover the leaner periods. October is a perfect example of that. If someone had been following the site’s tips from the beginning of September they would have made more than 80pts and be a further 30+ ahead before the downswing. I know of people that had been following a long time before September, who had won a lot of money and managed to go broke and quit during that downswing before the upswing won all the money back!


Let’s say that you have decided to put £100 into following The Man In The Know’s tips and you’ve promised yourself, your partner, the devil or whomever that you would not put any more money in and would quit if you lost the £100. You should use the 100 point bankroll method and begin betting at £1 a point.


Here’s an example of how to follow the tips with a £100 100 point bankroll. The Man In The Know gives a stake between £10 and £50 next to each tip. Each £10 is representative of 1 point. So if TMITK recommends a £20 stake, that’s 2 points and you should bet £2. When your bankroll reaches £150 you should up your stakes to £1.50 per point, £200 is £2 per point, £250 is £2.50 etc. It can snowball pretty quickly especially if you can open new accounts and redeem all of the available bonuses. If you had started the £100 method when we opened you would be sitting on a bankroll of more than £1200 now or significantly more with the new account bonuses. 

old man holding his winnings


The biggest downswing The Man In The Know has had was in October where he was ahead by 31pts on the 15th only to drop to -21pts by the 24th. That is a 52 point downswing! He was never more than 21pts behind in the month so if you ran a monthly 50pt bankroll you would never have been in much trouble because you would have built to 81pts before dropping to 29pts and then ending the month 14pts ahead on 64pts.


Here are the ten bookmakers That The Man In The Know uses to recommend prices from and the free bets or bonuses they offer. If you don’t have some of the accounts just click the links to go to the sign up pages, the bonus or free bet will automatically be added when you meet the terms of the offer. Alternatively go to our Sports page for more in depth information about what is being offered.


BET365 100% deposit bonus up to £200!


SKYBET Bet £5 and get a £20 free bet plus £5 a week from the free bet club!


TOTESPORT Bet £25 and get a free £25 matched bet!


BETFRED Double odds on your first bet plus a £25 free bet!


BETVICTOR Bet £25 and get a free £25 matched bet!


LADBROKES Up to a £100 free bet!


CORAL Bet £5 and get a £20 free bet!


WILLIAM HILL Free matched bet up to £25!


BETFAIR Bet £10 and get £30 in free bets!


BETBRIGHT £30 Risk free bet!


Here are some other good bonuses that are out there and should not be ignored.


888SPORT £88 in free bets!


WINNER £5 and get a £20 free bet!



RACEBETS 100% Deposit bonus up to £50!


Where do I start? Well that depends on how much money you have available to begin with. If you are starting out small I recommend taking advantage of all of the bet £5 get a £20 free bet firms. It really is that simple, you deposit and make a £5 bet and you will get a £20 free bet! There are three firms with that offer listed above, Skybet, Coral and Winner. So for £15 you can have £75 worth of bets! It’s a great way to build your bankroll quickly. Remember that you don’t get the free bet back if you win; so don’t bet each way and always look for something above 3/1 otherwise it isn’t worth losing your free bet. From there I would go to Betfair for the bet £10 get £30 in free bets and then on through the £25 matched bet firms.


Very important! Once your bankroll hits £200 open a bet365 account. With their 100% deposit bonus they will double your £200 to £400! That’s a massive step up the ladder. You only need to roll the bonus over three times before you can cash it out. That means you have to make a cumulative total of £600 in bets before the bonus is withdraw able. Trust me, that doesn’t take long.


If you aren’t limited in the beginning I would open an account with each bookmaker when they crop up as the firm with the best price and use the free bets in the same manner.



It’s a fun journey, good luck!

Football Tips Good Friday - 19th April

From Friday we have four solid days of football, with the Football League divisions taking centre stage on Friday and Bank Holiday Monday. The Premier League is spread over Saturday and Sunday. Therefore I will have tips for Friday and more later in the weekend for Monday’s games. Last weeks double failed miserably with In form Swansea getting hammered at QPR which was their first win in 8 games!! There will be lots of tips each day on Twitter @wellworthawager so Please follow me on there.


Recommended 20 point Double best price Betfair returns over 131 points


1pm Charlton Away at Oxford 13/8

3pm Cheltenham Home vs Oldham 6/4


Charlton have to keep winning to maintain their chances of automatic promotion and come into this game on the back of beating League leaders Luton last weekend. Oxford played out a bore nil nil draw with strugglers AFC Wimbledon and recent form suggests the 13/8 on the Away victory is good value. In League Two Cheltenham boost a fine home record against a team who are three places above them in the table in 13th.  Cheltenham have only lost one in six games and I take them to edge Oldham out with home advantage crucial.


Good Luck


Footy Anorak

18th April, 2019 at 01:27:53 PM

Football Tips Saturday 13th April

It was nice to get a long overdue winning week on the board last weekend. This was thanks to Aston Villa’s late goals at Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea’s comfortable success. Our 20 point Double returned 117 points. This takes the deficit down to 318 on the season. Let’s hope the luck has now turned and we have a great run in until the end of the season. We are getting to that time of the season where teams fighting relegation seem to get better results than teams safe in mid table. Readings surprise draw at Championship leaders Norwich showed how a team facing relegation is fighting hard.


Recommended Bet 20 point Double best priced at William Hills returns 108 points


Swansea Away at QPR 7/5

Morecambe Home vs Grimsby 5/4



Swansea are in a rich vein of form in the championship at the moment beating all in their way. They must be frustrated this has come too late in the season to get into the play offs. They play attacking possession football and I can see them passing a poor QPR side off the park here. Recently the home side have been poor culminating in Steve Mclarens dismissal as boss. Since then they were abject at Norwich and scraped a goalless draw at Millwall.


Morecambes home form should see them get the better of Grimsby on Saturday. They have beat Crawley, Mk Dons and Forest Green in their last three home outings. They still need points to guarantee League Two safety so will see this as a big opportunity to going towards doing this. Grimsby haven’t won in six games and struggle for goals so everything points towards a home win here.


More tips on Twitter @wellworthawager.


Good Luck


Footy Anorak

11th April, 2019 at 05:29:23 PM





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